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QHRnet Account Setup

For a manager or employee to access the QHRnet Leave Management or Self Scheduling components, an account must be created by an Administrator. Administrators can create and manage accounts, assign roles (for example, Admin, Manager, Employee), and reset passwords. It's not necessary to create accounts individually because QHRnet includes a utility that imports employee records from Quadrant Workforce tables. This is particularly useful the first time accounts are set up and there is a large employee base.

Note! Before a Manager account can be set up in QHRnet, Managers must have a User Account in Quadrant Workforce's. If you create QHRnet accounts and discover later that a Manager hasn't already got a User Account in Quadrant Workforce, you will have to go to Quadrant Workforce and set one up. For instructions on setting up User Accounts in Quadrant Workforce, see Designate a Manager as a User. After an account has been set up for a Manager in Quadrant Workforce, they will automatically be assigned the role of Manager when their QHRnet account is created provided the security user account is created before the QHRnet account. If an account is created in QHRnet, and then the employee is granted a security user account in Quadrant Workforce, however, the QHRnet account is not automatically assigned the role of manager. The manager role must be assigned manually.

For more detailed information on creating and maintaining QHRnet user accounts, please refer to the QHRnet Account Setup and Management document available on iSupport.

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To create accounts for the first time (mass update)

Setting Up Individual QHRnet Accounts

Enabling or Disabling Accounts

Unlocking Accounts

Assigning Roles in QHRnet

Deleting Accounts

Resetting Passwords

Using QHRnet’s Employee Search Functionality

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To create accounts for the first time (mass update)
  1. Log on to QHRnet using your admin user name and password.
  2. From the Admin menu item, select Account Setup.
    The Account Setup page opens.

    account setup page

  3. Specify the number of letters for first name, middle name, and last name, or leave at the default settings. If you select 1 for the number of letters for the first name, when you create an account, the user name will include only the first letter of the employee’s first name. The default setting of 30 letters almost guarantees that an employee’s full first and last names will be incorporated in their user name.
  4. Select a password type from the options available from the Password Type list box (or leave at the default setting).
  5. Click Load Employees.
  6. Click Create Accounts.

An account is created for each employee record in Quadrant. Any duplicated records appear in the Duplicate Employees row and can be changed to eliminate the duplication. As new employee records are added to Quadrant, when the Load Employees button is clicked, the new records appear in the Non-Duplicate Employees row on QHRnet’s Account Setup page. Clicking the Create Accounts button adds them to QHRnet. Anytime an option is changed on the Account Setup page, you must load the employees again to see the changes.

Note! the Bypass Security Policies check box on the Account Setup page allows password rules to be overridden during account setup. The check box is inactive until it is made active on the Other tab of the QHRnet Configuration Utility. Bypassing security policies during creation of new accounts can prevent system generated password errors. The first time an employee logs on, they are prompted to create a new password that adheres to your password rules. For more information, see the QHRnet Security Guide.

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