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Configuring Scheduling Teams

Scheduling teams are used to group Self Scheduling Units and employees. Each team is given a certain time frame in which employees can select shifts or modify scheduling information. Teams are rotated on a regular cycle to give employees in a team first choice in selecting shifts during their pick period.

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To create a scheduling team

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To create a scheduling team
  1. Open the Configuration menu, and then the Self Scheduling Setup window.
  2. Click the Teams button on the main toolbar.
    The Lookups for Schedule Team dialog opens.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Type a name for the scheduling team in the Description box.
  5. Type a short description and abbreviation for the team in the appropriate boxes.
  6. Ignore the User Default check box.
    The check box is inactive on the Lookups for Schedule Team dialog.
  7. Click Save.

    lookups for schedule team dialog

  8. Click Close.

After you have created schedule teams, you need to associate positions with those teams.

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