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Creating a Leave Type

The leave types that can be assigned to employees on QHRnet are defined on the Leave Management window of the Configuration menu.

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To create a leave type

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To create a leave type
  1. From the Configuration menu, select Leave Management.
    The Setup tab opens.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Enter a code for the leave type.
    An abbreviation of the description works well.
  4. Type a description for the leave type in the Description box.
    50 characters maximum.
  5. Enter a comment prompt.
    The comment prompt appears above the Comment box on the Leave Request self service page. It explains to the employee why they need to enter a comment or describes the type of information that they need to enter in the Comment box.
  6. Select a Notification Method.
    E-mail notifications are automatically sent to affected managers and employees when a leave request is initially entered into the system, as well as when it is approved, denied, edited, or cancelled.

    Note! If you have not already configured Notification Methods, none will be available for selection in the Notification Method list box. For information on setting up Configuration Methods for Leave Management see Creating Leave Notification Methods.

  7. If required, change the default settings for Active Flag, End Date Required, and Employee Comment Required options.
    By default, these options are selected. When the Active Flag option is selected, the leave type is available for selection on the leave management component. If at some point you decide that you no longer want that leave type to be available, the Active Flag check box can be cleared and the leave type will no longer be available for selection. It is not, however, permanently deleted from the system and can be reactivated at any time. The End Date Required option forces a user to enter an end date for the leave request. In most cases, a leave will be close ended, with a specific return date. Occasionally, a leave, for example a medical leave, could be open ended with no return date. When the Employee Comment Required option is selected, an employee must enter a comment, perhaps describing the nature of their leave, when they submit a leave request.
  8. Click Save.

  9. Click the Edit button on the left side of the Leave Display Banks pane.
    The Leave Banks dialog opens.
  10. Select banks that you want to associate with the leave type in the Available pane and use the arrows to move them into the Selected pane.
    Press Ctrl+click to make multiple selections. When an employee creates a new leave request, the benefit banks associated with the leave type and the banked hours they contain appear on the leave request form. Users and managers can check, at a glance, how many hours the requester has banked and if they have enough time banked to cover the requested leave.

    Note! If at least one of the Benefit Banks selected is not also associated with an employee on the Banks window of the Employee Screens menu, they will not be able to select the leave type in QHRnet. When this occurs, open the Banks window and if necessary, manually add banks to the employee's record.

  11. Click OK.

Next, you need to determine which employee groups are eligible to use the leave type you just created.

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