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Designating Notification Addressees

After you've designated a manager as an Org Detail for the Reports To Org Level, you need to configure notification addressees so that when an employee submits a leave request, their manager can receive an e-mail notification.

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To configure notifications

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To configure notifications
  1. Open the Administration menu, and then the Structure window.
  2. Open the Org Levels tab.
  3. Select Reports To from the Org Level list box.
  4. Click the Notification button.
    The Notification Addressees dialog opens.
  5. Select a manager from the Org Detail list box.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Select Managers from the Notification Group list box.
  8. Select a Manager from the Addressee list box.
    These are the user profiles you linked to employee records when you designated a Manager as a Quadrant Workforce user.

    Note! For a manager to be available for selection as an Addressee, they must be set up as a user in Quadrant. For more information on setting up Managers as users see Designating a Manager as a User.

  9. Select the Manager check box under the Notification Type heading.

    notification addressees dialog

  10. Click Save.

Now, you need to configure the Prepared Methods that trigger the e-mails that are sent when a Leave Request is submitted.

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