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E-mail Templates

The Recruiting functionality in QHRnet allows for the creation of templates that automatically generate e-mails when a user creates a new profile or applies for a job, or when a candidate is added to a job posting. E-mail templates are configured in much the same way as job posting and form letter templates and can contain tokens, and other templates.

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To create an email template
  1. Log on to QHRnet using your Manager user name and password.
  2. Hover over the Config menu item, and then select E-mails from the shortcut menu that appears.
    The E-mails page opens.
  3. Select Recruiting from the Module list box.
  4. Select an e-mail type from the Type list box.

    The options are:

    New Profile Creation - sent to users when they create a new profile.

    New Application - sent to applicants when they apply for a job.

    Candidate Added to Job Posting - sent to existing employees when their name is added to a posting.

    A pre-configured e-mail is provided for each of the available types. You can add to or edit the content of the e-mails at any time. For more information on using tokens or templates, see Creating a Job Posting or Form Letter Template.

  5. Select a token from the Subject list box if you want the same information, for example, Posting Name, to be automatically inserted into the subject line of every e-mail.

  6. Click in the Enable E-mail check box to activate the e-mail.
    Once activated, when an action is completed (New Profile Creation, New Application, or Candidate Added to Job Posting), an e-mail will be automatically sent.
  7. Add tokens to the layout to customize the content, or select a template to insert the content of an already configured form letter into the body of the e-mail, and then click Apply.

    Note! If you insert a template, it will overwrite all of the pre-configured content in the e-mail template.

  8. Click Save.

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