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Information for Schedulers

When an employee selects shifts via self scheduling on the Web, their schedule is automatically updated in Quadrant Workforce to reflect the changes.

If a scheduler has to make a scheduling change, for example, when an employee has selected a shift on the Web but calls in sick and cannot work the shift, scheduling changes are made on the Schedule window in Quadrant Workforce. Any changes that are made on the schedule in Quadrant Workforce are automatically updated in QHRnet and vice versa. When an employee is removed from a self scheduled shift, and a replacement employee is required, a new employee is added to the schedule following standard emplacement rules. Both employees' schedule on QHRnet is automatically updated.

If an employee has booked time off, for example for vacation or medical leave, they will not be able to use self scheduling to select different shifts on those days during their pick period. Any changes to those shift types, if for example, the employee decides to change their vacation dates, must be made by the scheduler on the unit schedule in Quadrant Workforce.

When an employee selects a shift on the Web, it appears on the schedule in Posted state, ready for Approval and timecard expansion. Click the Timecard Expansion button to see a timecard expansion preview.

If a scheduler wants to remove an employee from self scheduling, they can end date the employee's template row assignment, or rollback the schedule, remove the row, and then extrapolate the template again.

Note! Quadrant Workforce will not support position changes that occur between the start of an employee's picking period and the end of the period for which they are picking shifts. If a position change does occur during this period, the employee will only be able to pick shifts for their current (as of when they are picking their shifts) position. If an employee's position must change during the picking cycle, the scheduler may want to pick the shifts for the employee to avoid confusion (the employee will only be able to pick shifts for the period in which their current position is still active and will only belong to picking team of first position, even though their position has changed). Self Scheduling recognizes only the position that is active for an employee on the day they are picking their shifts.

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