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Self Scheduling Reports

The Quadrant Workforce Report Tool contains three self scheduling report templates.

Self Sched Configuration Report

The Self Sched Configuration report shows how the unit selected on the Filtering & Ordering tab was configured. The first page shows the scheduling teams associated with the unit, the positions they contain, full employee name, subscription hours recorded for each self scheduling shift type, and the shift types that are associated with the unit.

self sched config report

Subsequent pages of the Self Sched Configuration report provide a historical record of each team’s pick periods and subscription hours for each cycle. The Configuration report is very valuable for troubleshooting because it provides all of the detailed configuration information for teams, positions, shift types, and pick periods in one place.

Create a new instance of the Self Scheduling Configuration report in the Configuration Reports folder, and use the Self Sched Configuration datasources and templates.

Self Scheduling Over/Under Report

The Self Scheduling Over/Under report shows all of the employees in a self scheduling unit, total hours, target subscription hours, and hours over or under the target amount worked during the date range selected on the Filtering & Ordering tab.

self sched over under report

Create a new instance of the Over/Under report in the Scheduling folder, and use the Self Sched Over Under datasource and template.

Self Scheduling Worked/Absence Report

The Worked/Absence Report shows whether the selected employees worked, were absent, or worked a split shift on each day of the reporting period. Create a new report instance using the Self Sched Worked Absence datasource and the Self Schedule Worked Absence template.

SS Worked Absence Report Sample

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